Post-it & Scotch Range as Corporate Gifts

Post-it branded yellow and colour notes, page markers, flags, writing boards, sticky boards, big notes, dry erase surface with accessory tray & cleaning cloth to connect and bundle with your branded products to increase new trials and thereby new lifetime consumers. You have further choice of Scotch branded magic tapes, double sided tapes, transparent tapes, tape dispensers, packaging tapes, permanent glue sticks, spray adhesive and scissors to continue round the year promotion programme to ensure sizable increase in market share profitably. Ask us to create impressive gift hampers for influencers, partners and business associates to be at their desk always impressing one and all. 

3M Post-it brand Yellow Notes:-

3M Post-it brand Yellow Notes as original removable and repositionable notes in the most familiar Canary yellow colour sticks practically anywhere to stay put and get noticed helping you summarise important information, review and remember, in perfect size for reminders, short to-do lists and summaries. Available in sizes 1”x3”, 1.5”x2”, 2”x3”, 3”x3”, 3”x4” & 3”x5” in 100 sheets with MRP of Rs.38/-, Rs.45/-, Rs.50/-, Rs.85/- & Rs.100/- respectively. All Post-it notes are recyclable and sourced from certified, renewable and responsibly managed forests.

3M Post-it brand Yellow Notes

Post-it Colours Notes:-

Post-it Colours Notes in bright colours like pale pink, poppy, Mediterranean, light mulberry, neon green, aqua wave, fireball fuchsia & neon orange are great for prioritising tasks and colour-coding projects attracting attention in size 3”x3” in 100 sheets and 200 sheets (50 sheets x 4 colours) for MRP Rs.135/-.

Post-it Colours Notes

Post-it Page Markers:-

Post-it Page Markers are repositionable available in many colours to write and sticks securely and removes cleanly without damage for colour-coding, book marking and locating important information in sizes 0.75”x3” in 200 sheets (50 sheets x 4 colours) for MRP Rs.70/- and 1”x3” in 150 sheets in 3 colours.

Post-it Page Markers

Post-it Flags:-

Post-it Flags are ideal for marking documents to grab attention and prompt action in size 0.5”x1.75” in 3 colours with 12 pulls each and in 5 colours with 12 pulls each with MRP of Rs.65/-. Value-Added Flags with sign here are ideal for marking documents without writing on them to grab attention and prompt action in size 0.5”x1.75” in 2 colours with 10 pulls each + sign here 1”x1.75” with 12 pulls with MRP of Rs.60/-. and size 0.5”x1.75” in 5 colours with 20 pulls of each in arrow shape.

Post-it Flags

Post-it Value Added Notes:-

Post-it Value Added Notes are great for writing brief explanation, creating a to-do list, recording minutes of meetings, making graphs and mathematical operations in sizes 3”x3”, 3”x4”, 4”x6” in 50 sheets.

Post-it Value Added Notes

Post-it Writing Boards:-

Post-it Writing Boards are compact and portable and easy to clean without leaving ghost marks with scratch resistant 3M’s proprietary film is a great tool for training rooms, meetings as can be edited and reused in A3 size. In Sticky Boards the entire surface is sticky, and the long-lasting adhesive does not dry out. The surface can be cleaned to remove lint and dust to ensure items stick firmly and can be removed easily without traditional damaging pins, tacks, magnets or tapes. Available in 16.5”x11.5” and 18”x23” sizes as display or notice board, memory wall, activity wall, collaboration space etc. Big Notes are large yet portable and sticks and re-sticks to most vertical surfaces available in size 11”x11” and 22”x22” with 25 sheets. Dry Erase Surface is easy to install and requires no tools – just unroll, peel and stick as stain proof material erases cleanly every time making it easy to write on smooth surface in sizes A4, A3, 2’x3’, 3’x4’,4’x6’ & 4’x8’. Also available Dry Erase Accessory Tray for storing markers and accessories and Dry Erase Cleaning Cloth for maintaining the surface without spray or chemicals with just the washable cloth.

Post-it Writing Boards

Scotch Magic™ Tapes:-

Scotch Magic™ Tapes mends paper seamlessly, is invisible on most types of paper, won’t show on photocopies, can be written on with pen, pencil or marker and can be torn by hand without scissors or cutters. Also available with easy to use Tape Dispenser which rolls out magic tape smoothly while cutting evenly with no time, energy or waste of tape. Available with dispenser and roll in size 19mm x 32.9 meters and refill rolls in 19mm x 8.8 meters, 19mm x 25.4 meters and 19mm x 32.9 meters. Character based packs are also available in size 19mm x 8.8 meters which can be customised for you to impress your target audience. Double Sided Tape sticks to most surfaces including walls, ceramics tiles and wood surfaces that are clean, dry and smooth up to 500 grams which is 1.5 times more load. Available in easy to use pre-cut 1” squares in a pack of 20 apart from 1” core tape rolls in size 24mm x 0.75 meters and 3” core tape rolls in size 24mm, 18mm and 12mm x 3 meters.

Scotch Magic™ Tapes

Scotch Transparent Tapes:-

Scotch Transparent Tapes are easy to tear without need of scissors for general sealing, holding and mending applications with clear polypropylene backing with synthetic acrylic adhesive in 1” core tape rolls with width of 12mm & 18mm and 3” core tape rolls with width of 12mm, 18mm & 24mm. Tape Dispensers for wide variety of 1” core tape rolls with metal cutting blade and rubberised weighted base to avoid sliding during dispensing or scratching desktop surfaces.

Scotch Transparent Tapes

Scotch BOPP Packaging Tapes:-

Scotch BOPP Packaging Tapes with 100% guaranteed length to save overall effort and cost with excellent holding power so the packet stays sealed under wide service temperature range with easy adherence to even slightly irregular surfaces. Available in Tan (brown) and clear finishes in a variety of sizes 24mm, 48mm & 72 mm in both 35 meters and 50 meters.

Scotch BOPP Packaging Tapes

Scotch Permanent Glue Stick:-

Scotch Permanent Glue Stick is nontoxic water-based white colour adhesive that sticks strong, dries to a clear finish and can be washed out of most fabrics, hands and surfaces with soap and water. Purple Glue Stick makes it easy to see applied areas to reduce wastage and avoid messiness and is completely safe for children due to nontoxic glue and child safe cap. Both varieties available in weight of 8 grams and 15 grams with MRP of Rs. 30/- & Rs.40/- respectively.

Scotch Permanent Glue Stick

Scotch Super 77™ Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive:-

Scotch Super 77™ Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive is fast drying, extremely versatile and has fast, aggressive tack and low soak in helping bond a wide range of light-weight materials like paper, cardboard, fabric, cushion foam, plastic, metal, wood etc. Spray Mount™ Repositionable Adhesive allows repositioning if sprayed lightly whereas heavier sprays allow a stronger bond and is excellent for layouts, posters, presentations, graphic designs etc. Convenient and versatile with quick tack, non-wrinkling and resist bleed through and bond most acetate, foils, fabrics, light tissues and newsprint.

Scotch Super 77™ Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive

Scotch Kids Scissors:-

Scotch Kids Scissors high quality child safe 5” stainless-steel blunt blades ergonomically designed soft touch handle with soft grip blunt tip blades designed for safety for both right and lefthanded users with MRP of Rs.149/-. Multi-Purpose Scissors with 6” sharp hardened blades for cutting performance with soft comfort grip handles for ease of use for both right and lefthanded users with MRP of Rs.229/-. Precision Ultra Edge Scissors with Titanium-fused 8” blades stay sharp even beyond 100,000 cuts and longer than stainless-steel is ideal for fabrics, crafts and cardstock for Rs.649/- and Rs.749/- for Precision Ultra Edge Non-Stick Scissors with coating to resists sticky build up on blades. Premium Kitchen Scissors is ideal for cutting meat and vegetables as it ensures ultra-smooth finish and clean cut due to unique electro-polished detachable steel blades with superior sharpness and rust resistance with MRP of Rs.1,199/-. Titanium Kitchen Scissors is four times stronger than stainless-steel with detachable and easy to clean Titanium-coated 8” corrosion resistant blades with soft streamlined handles to help relieve stress on fingers, providing a more comfortable grip to easily cut through meat and soft bones with MRP of Rs.1,599/-.

Scotch Kids Scissors
Please do get in touch with us for other products range from 3M under brands such as Scotch-Brite for kitchens, floors, bathrooms and Command™ for walls and furniture.

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