Premium Personalised Metal Corporate Gifts

Made from recycled aluminium plates embossed with rich feel metallic foiling to create a premium look while breathing life into your brand. Full range covers promotional products for every occasion in various plate sizes in round, square and rectangle as magnets, badges, pen holders, card holders, bag tags, small keychains, long key chains, coasters, key hanger with 1 hook, key hanger with 3 hooks, non magnetic memo pad, magnetic memo pad, mini, medium & large diary, photo frame square for both table and walls, square clock for both table and walls with option of closed or partially closed back, door sign in square, sign plate both small and long, placards, certificates, passport covers, boxes for chocolates,  tea, wine and cigars etc.

Personalised Name Plates: – available in 2 sizes of 500×120 mm and 340×200 mm for Rs. 895/- as shown below. Desk name plate is also available in size 285×45 mm for Rs. 395/-.

Personalised Name Plates

Personalised Bag Tags: – is available in size 104×64 mm for Rs. 295/- and long key chain in size 100×25 mm for Rs.245/-.

Personalised Bag Tags

Certificates: – available in size 340×200 mm for Rs. 895/- and passport cover with metal plate size 154×104 mm and wall clock in size 60×45 mm as shown below.



Table Tops: – choice of Pen stand in size 104×64 mm for Rs.795/-, visiting card holder in size 100×25 mm for Rs.345/- and memo pad in size 200×100 mm for Rs.495/-.

Table Tops

Set of 4 coasters in size 94×94 mm for Rs.695/-, calendar in size 340×200 mm for Rs.795/-, table clock in size 164×164 mm for Rs.745/-.

Coasters Calendar Table Clocks

Desk Tops: – options of Note books in size 220×140 mm for Rs.695/-, Mini diary in size 154×104 mm for Rs.595/- and checklist in size 200×100 mm for Rs.595/-.

Desk Tops

Badges, keychains, key hangers & agarbatti stand: – available sizes 64×64 mm for badges for Rs.295/-, keychain in size 60×45 mm for Rs.245/-, agarbatti stand and key hanger in size 285×65 mm as shown below for Rs.295/- and key hanger with 3 hooks for Rs.1295/-.

Badges Keychains Key Hangers and Agarbatti Stand

Please feel free to ask for head gear caps with both options of round plate of 64 mm and square tag of size 104x64mm for Rs.595, for both table and walls square photo frames in size 164×164 mm for Rs. 595/-, door sign in square in size 164×164 mm for Rs.495/- and placard in size 340×200 mm for Rs.895/-.

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  • April 17, 2019 at 7:25 am

    A joy is created in different ways of connection and also with a token of appreciation. The token could have been created or procured to show the bonding. It could decorate your desk and carry the fond memories forever. Tricely Gifts understands the customer needs and delivers it in a trice with an uncompromising quality.


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