Innovative Corporate Gift – Multi Pouf

Sun and water-resistant basic furniture in multiple colours to sit, store and serve as portable, strong, light weight, easy to move & assemble as another innovative corporate gift – Multi Poufs. Use any which way for either sitting, storing of kid’s toys, sports kits, laundry bag, for planting, as serving table or even use as party tub to keep drinks ice cold. To popularise products how brands have given garden umbrellas with their branding to street vendors in the same manner the portable poufs can be given.

Innovative Corporate Gift Multi-ouf

Seating Purpose: –

simply assemble and use as extra seating space at home, office, clinic, stores, inside and outside as per the need and requirements in choice of various colours with your logo branding. Best advantage is you can move it around easily to any nook and corner for additional seating requirements at a moment’s notice.

Seating Purpose

Serving Purpose: –

ideal at home as the most common challenge is serving tea and light snacks very close to all the sofas in the drawing room. Sun and water resistant, light weight with strong structure for various activities of keeping and serving purpose as shown below.

Serving Purpose

Storage Purpose: –

as extra storage space at home or in children’s room for storing of kid’s toys, sports kits, laundry bag or for various other activities of keeping and serving purpose as shown below with printing of your logo for higher brand recall.

Storage Purpose

Outdoor Usage: –

at beach as ready to sit pouf and as party tub with leak proof liner. At camps to sit around the bonfire with one as party tub with leak proof liner to keep drinks ice cold. In garden as a plant or storing various sports kits and for sitting and serving snacks etc. Restaurant or cafes can use it on the road, terrace or any outer space to cater to their patrons.

Outdoor Usage

Indoor Usage: –

at clinic, offices, dormitories, shops, outlets and home to offer extra seating space to visitors. Best advantage is due to light weight it can be moved around as extra seat as per the need and requirements with option of storing toys, sports kits, laundries etc.

Indoor Usage

Party Tub: –

with leak proof liner for great party activities. Best give away as both beach and party kit to your reselling partners for instant brand recall.

Party Tub

Outer Box: –

Comes packed in individual boxes with option of customisation of your logo for maximum mileage.

Outer Box

Please write to us for more choices in innovative corporate gifts to achieve your promotional objectives.

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