Made Easy to Select the Best Corporate Gifts

The smartest of the team member struggles to select the best corporate gift due to the following reasons: –

  1. Lack of choices available at one source in the friendlier manner.
  2. Narrowing down the available choices in downloadable files which can be shared with the other team members.
  3. Regular updating of unique and odd items.
  4. Fast response from vendors to your various queries
  5. Creating the customised catalogue to help large corporate streamline their supply chain management.

Choices Available at one Source in the Friendliest Manner: –

Each one of us behave differently and take our preferred routes to reach Rome. Keeping this in mind we have categorised the pdf files product wise, category wise, price wise, segment wise, brand wise and in various other manner possible. We look forward to your continued feedback if you find any other interesting ways to make it more user friendly for the visitors.

Made Easy to Select the Best Corporate Gifts

Narrowing Down from all the Available Choices in Downloadable Files which Can be Shared with the other Team Members: –

To make it interesting we have taken care that we cover one topic every week and till date we have finished 162 blogs. We also realised that each blog should be available to you instantly so each pdf files have been added at and so far you have ready access to over 88 files which are downloadable and can be shared with other decision makers. We are trying to improve every day by working on the articles, images, topics and presentation and look forward to your critical feedback and valuable suggestions to keep on improving to make Sparket Corporate Gifts for pleasant surprises the best site on corporate gifts worldwide.

Unique and Odd Items: –

Realising that most buyers are looking for the most unique items we keep working with factories in identifying and adding the latest products and gadgets on our website. We are under constant pressure to identify an interesting weekly blog which helps us in adding relevant gifting products.

Instant Response from our Dedicated Back Office Team to your Tele Call, Chat, Email etc.: –

Our trained dedicated back office team responds to your query instantly and shortlisted physical samples are shown by our local office personnel within 24 to 72 hours. Outside Bengaluru and Kolkata cities we can courier the physical samples with or without logo branding against the cost and part of which is adjustable against your final order. Rest of the world the samples can be couriered once you provide your international courier account number or pay for the same through PayPal.

Customised Catalogue to Help Large Corporate Streamline their Supply Chain Management: –

We help large MNCs with employees over 10k to create their own customised catalogue which can be shared with various teams, divisions at multiple locations. Please call us to understand your unique challenge with pain points and devise a meaningful way to make your life easy!

Please feel free to write to us with your unique requirement or challenge so that together we can solve it in the best possible manner.

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