Wall Clocks Range of Corporate Gifts

If searching for mass products of daily utilities – wall clocks will be one of the best and cheapest form for your brand promotions. Just hang it on the wall and replace the battery once in a year or two and silent message is passed on to all who looks at it to check the time. Moreover, if the look and appeal of the wall clock is impressive then after glancing at the time the viewer will also deeply notice your message and product details to absorb the same. I have personally witnessed whenever I visit a close friend’s parent’s place a promotional wall clock of Network electronic typewriter with a design of daisy wheel even after over two decades though the brand no longer exist as the Company has since long closed.

Wall Clock with Ganesha

Wall clock with Ganesha and even with option of key hanging facility.

Wall Clock With Ganesh

Round Wall Clocks

Round wall clocks big size as per the samples shown below with chrome, golden and wooden finish to impress your esteemed recipients due to bigger size.

Round Wall Clock

Square Wall Clocks

Square wall clocks in medium size matched with your house colour plastic to remind about your brand with logo printed on the dial as per your artwork. For smaller quantities you can select from the fast moving colours from the choices given below. Moreover, the dial can be fully customised as per your artwork with choice of roman or numerical fonts with black or white hands to match the wall clock.

Square Wall Clocks

Oval Wall Clocks

Oval wall clocks in medium size with chrome, golden and wooden finish.

Oval Wall Clocks

Rectangular Wall Clocks

Rectangular wall clocks in choice of two shapes with further choice of smaller and bigger dials. You can avail more branding space when the dial size becomes smaller depending on your artwork to get maximum mileage.

Rectangular Wall Clocks

Medium Size Round Wall Clocks

Round wall clocks in medium size for more cost effective rates to help you distribute larger numbers.

Medium Size Round Wall Clocks

Medium Size Square Wall Clocks

Square wall clocks in medium size at lower prices to fit in your budget.

Medium Size Square Wall Clocks

Sleek Wall clocks

Sleek wall clocks in big round shape with full dial visible.

Tradition Style Big Round Wall Clock

Tradition style big round wall clock to impress the recipients due to big size and contemporary look. Ideal for premium products ranges to impress the esteemed recipients.

Tradition Style Big Round Wall Clock

Rectangular wall clocks in shape of tall boy.

Rectangular Wall Clocks

Square Wall Clocks with Rounded Edges

Square wall clocks with rounded edges for that extra appeal for mass distribution.

Square Wall Clocks With Rounded Edges

Perfect Square Wall Clocks

Perfect square wall clocks in smaller size to fit your budget.

Perfect Square Wall Clocks

Sleek wall clocks in square shape of medium size with round edges for that premium look and feel.

Sleek wall clocks in square shape

Round wall clock in medium size when you are looking for more choices to match your artwork.

Round Wall Clock in Medium Size

Rectangular wall clock with look of square size.

Rectangular Wall Clock With Look of square size

Round wall clocks: – More varieties for you to select the best for your target audience.

Round wall clocks

Promotional wall clocks of a different shape to catch attention immediately.

Promotional wall clocks

Smaller round wall clocks with wooden, chrome and gold finish to fit your budget.

Smaller round wall clocks

Wall clock in round shape with different design.

Different Design Wall Clock in Round Shape

Rectangular wall clock for low ceilings more suited for places where high ceiling is a constraint.


Rectangular wall clock for low ceilings

Please feel free to connect for your specific requirements or odd shape wall clocks and check elsewhere on our website for full range of table and alarm clocks. We even have range of other table tops with many utilities including clocks.

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