100th blog of SPARKET Corporate Gifts – for Pleasant Surprises

This is our 100th blog as we started our weekly blog around last week of August 2015 and since then have strictly maintained the habit of one blog every Saturday. Let me start by giving the due credit to Dr. Ivan Misner, founder of BNI who narrated the story of how he happened to be part of few special guest at the Neckar Island, the private property of Sir Richard Branson. It so happened that Sir Branson walked through and asked Dr. Misner as to what he was doing alone when the rest of the invitees were enjoying at the swimming pool. Dr. Misner explained that he must complete the weekly blog and thereafter in the same blog he wrote about reverse engineering that is trying to understand as to how he landed up at the Necker island in the first place. I heard this first time around February 2011 when he visited India but took over 4 years to start the practise and have maintained one weekly blog since then. In my case let me admit that there have been times when backlog was there but I bounced back by ensuring the weekly habit is maintained. There are even times when next few week’s blog topics are identified well in advance.

AK Gupta & Dr. Ivan Misner
The reason finally I started my weekly blog was that the best of the content writers will fail to understand the depth of the gifting business or for that matter any business as only you experience best what you, your team, customers, product developers and manufacturers face day to day. I may not be a great writer but I live and breathe my business which can be best expressed by myself and the best of the content writers will be at a loss to bring that pure magic. I encourage one and all to try writing their own blogs to make available content on the internet more fresh and interesting.

Let me also take this opportunity to explain many other advantages of writing your own blogs. In the last two years, I have started understanding how to make it easy for my new customers to find and reach me. What challenges they must be facing while selecting products and vendors and how to continue to make it easy for them with each passing week. Since my role was more of a helicopter view my basic product and various category knowledge was very poor but over times I have become better than my sales team on newer products and I’m the go to person for more details on various new category of products.

Let us reiterate that our acid test for our existence is answer to question have our interaction with one and all has been pleasantly surprised or not and keep raising that expectation bar again and again. The one and all list covers first employees, then customers, vendors and finally society at large. If you notice or find that we or our team has goofed up and the intentions was questionable then please do bring it to our notice to help us relive our promise in its purest form.

Let me close by saying that when you search for corporate gifts blog then ours is ranked as no 1.

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