Be Your Own Boss in Corporate Gift Market

franchise-300x152If you would like to be your own boss then there is a good opportunity for you to start your own Corporate Gifts business without financial investment. The prerequisites are that you should enjoy selling as a profession, love meeting new prospective customers and building healthy relationships with them. You can decide the number of hours per week and the geographical territory closer to your place of residence. Once you do the billing in a particular department of an organization then the future orders from that department continues to earn you income as long client is happy and satisfied with your services.

Our Brief offer is as Follows:-

We thank you for showing interest in becoming our Authorized Sales Partner for booking Corporate Gift orders.

We are the Indian manufacturers and exporters of promotional Corporate Gifts and our tagline is “Everything From A Pin To A Plane”. Due to demand and gap in the market we wish to appoint sales partners all over India.

We help you book orders in your respective cities / towns by regularly updating and adding new products as per the market feedback.

  1. To become our Authorized Sales Partner you must complete first year sales target as part of your commitment to learn and grow the business.
  2. Company may generate and support you with web enquiries from your territory which will be an added bonus.
  3. We will provide an intensive sales training for a day at our Bangalore office.
  4. Laptop / smart phones will be required to interact with customers and back office for fast turnaround time.
  5. We will provide all support on artwork, designs, brochures and catalogues.
  6. The back office will support you with all your queries and if required interact with your client to help you close the order.
  7. Your earning will depend on the actual order booking price which will be explained to you in detail.

We have tied up with various brands and manufacturers and those products will be available exclusively to you to promote to your regular clients. You need to ensure commercial documentation and collection from your customers with our continued support to ensure your earning is released at the beginning of every month end. Depending on your involvement and capability we may absorb you in bigger responsibility to look after your town, city or state.

As you increase your relationship and keep adding new accounts to your existing list you can be sure of Being Your Own Boss with investment of only your time and efforts. And if you can help develop more independent freelancers then you have created a solid team to take care of your regular income too.

We are a three decade old company with colleague as old as the company and many over 1 and 2 decades old. We love to work with people and mutual trust with empowerment is our core strength. Together we aim to create the World’s best collaborative cum cooperative platform for mutual benefit.

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