Promotional Bags to Attract New Buyers

leather-bags-promotional-300x300Promotional bags are the second largest product category in the corporate gift basket after the apparel range. The various items which gets covered under the promotional bags includes sports bag, shoulder bag, duffle bags, sling bags, overnighters, backpacks, laptop bags, office bags, trolley bags etc. The material can vary from pure leather to leatherette, pvc, rexine, canvas, non woven fabrics and synthetic. Depending on the usage and budget the bag can also be made with waterproof materials to protect the contents inside the bag.

Bags can be either screen printed or embroidered with your logos to ensure high visibility when the same is used by the receiver. For larger quantities even the metal or rubber tag can be used to customize the bag as premium promotional product. The bags can be further made with the customize zip bearing your logo to make it impressive and different from the regular bags. The size of the bag with the number of compartment can be designed keeping with your requirements, actual usage and purpose of the bag.

Most of the IT companies provide a bag at the time of induction which also carries common items like pen, note book, t-shirt, mug or sipper bottle. Key chain and other sundry items can also be added depending on the end purpose and within the predefined budget.

Apart from giving it to the employee’s bags are used extensively by the manufacturers to give it to trade partners, consumers and even associates. Conferences normally create a budget for the bags and many apparel brands give it as a festive offer if consumer’s purchases cross certain amount. It has been seen that such offer normally increases the trials and thereby overall sales and makes up for the cost incurred on such gifts during round the year festive periods. A liquor company normally offers a travel bag at the airports if more than one bottle of their brands is bought. Retail chains invariably keep promotional bags as an offer for buying beyond a certain amount to attract more sales.

Apart from achieving higher sales promotional gifts also ensures continuous visibility of your brand for an extended period across the city and the region. There is hardly any industry segment which has not used promotional bags as an effective merchandise tool. Customers love to collect multiple bags thereby also ensuring that the bag promotion scheme is a continuous big hit. A lot of corporate gift promotion ideas must pass utility and multiple collection tests because many times customer hates the idea of collecting more of the same free product thus in effect hampering the multiple sales during the scheme period. But with logo bags you can be rest assured that no consumer will be shy of collecting multiple bags during the scheme period.

The promotional bag can also include carry bags made of paper, canvas, non woven fabric, jute bags to be used as exhibitions or other events. You can also give a fold-able bag which opens up to a full size bag when the need arises while shopping or travelling. Bags can be customized with compartment for golf shoes to make it a runaway success with golfers as your target audience and to better connect with the target audience. Toilet bags, pouch cum hangers or need based bags can be conceptually designed to ensure that the buyer buys your product to avail of the free gift as the bait. In the process buyer invariably ends up trying your product and hopefully becoming a regular user of your brand thereafter.

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