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foldable-laptop-stand-315x172Folding laptop stand is an ideal cost effective gift for the employees, consumers and associates. The biggest advantage is that you can fold it to smaller then a scale size, light weight and carry with you. The recipient will love to receive it, use it and remember you and your brand for considering it to give as Corporate gift or promotional giveaways.

The salient features of the Folding Laptop Stand is as follows:-

  • Folding Laptop Stand (suitable for use during travel)
  • Raises screen level for better air circulation
  • Fits all 13”- 18”laptops
  • Better screen level reduces neck and shoulder strain
  • Improves keyboard angle for easier and faster typing
  • Huge branding area makes a great choice for promotions
  • Non slip feet for added security
  • Super slim, compact size makes it easy to carry
  • Very easy to assemble

What is a Foldable Laptop Stand?

As the name suggest the device is foldable stand tilted for ease of use on laptop of any size and helps you in reducing strains in spite of long use.

Use of the Laptop Stand

We all have got use to the laptops but the challenge is that the screen level is lower than required and even air circulation speed is not enough to cool down the device. We assure you that use once and you will get hooked to it by buying another one for home use which you can even carry while travelling. The best gift item is one where your important customers call you requesting for another one for their use.

Specifications of Foldable Laptop Stand

Foldable laptop stand which will fold to a size of scale for smaller or larger screens. Non slippery and will make air circulation easy due to better screen level angle resulting in perfect typing with reduced neck and shoulder discomfort.

Available Price Range at Sparket..

The MRP of the product is Rs.150 but on bulk buying it will be offered at an attractive price depending on the exact branding, customized packaging and quantities.

Benefits on Huge Amount of Order

Minimum order of 50 will be appreciated and in special cases smaller lot can be entertained by us.

How you will benefit from Sparket Corporate Gifts

We will try to understand your objective of gifting and products already shortlisted by your team and help you further fine tuning the requirement within your given budget and time frame. To help you achieve the parameters set by your team we will show you physical samples with finished look to zero down on the gift. Once you and the team are confident that everything is in order then you can place your order comfortably and can start focusing on other challenges to achieve your allied objectives.

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