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Toiletry Kit – 4 Layered with Detachable Bag

Travelling made that much easy and fun with choice of folding travel, zip and toiletry bags. When you do the last minute shopping and need to carry the extra luggage just open the pouch to make it a full travel bag. There are time when you would like to excite your target audience by giving them the adorable gifts which you would love to receive from your favorite brands. The above gifts will make you feel special because you have selected the best gifts for your most important clients.

The salient features of the various Folding Bags are as follows:-

(A) Toiletry Kit – 4 layered with detachable bag

  • Your daily needs folds into a compact pouch
  • Can be hanged when opened, so everything is easily accessible
  • Transparent pockets so you can see items kept inside
  • Pockets are partitioned so that you can compartmentalize various items as per their usage
  • Special detachable pockets for medicines etc.
  • Extra pockets at the back for easy access to products
  • Great branding area to remind the user about you!

(B) Folding Leatherette Travel Bag (Flight cabin size compliant)

Folding Travel Bag
  • Ultra compact after folding, very easy to carry
  • Just open the zip to convert into a spacious travel bag
  • Made of very high quality material
  • Two carrying handles and an adjustable shoulder strap (detachable)
  • Helps you organize better: 2 pockets inside the main compartment and an emergency pocket outside
  • Cabin size baggage compliant; can be carried as a hand baggage in flights
  • Open the zipper to convert it into a full size bag

(C) The ZIP BAG (full size backpack can be folded into a pouch)

The ZIP BAG (full size backpack can be folded into a pouch)
  • Zipper closure
  • Single compartment
  • Choice of two pockets
  • Shoulder strap can be adjusted
  • With dog hook attached to the pouch to make it easy to carry
  • Made up of polyester and nylon
  • Choice of 2 exclusive colors blue and black

What is the Folding bag?

The bag which is invisible and does not occupy much space and weight when you don’t need them and come handy the moment you feel the need to have a bag to keep those extra items. The bag can be travel bag, hand bag to carry as last minute cabin baggage and even toiletry kits to organize all your belonging when you are on the tour.

How to Use the folding bags.

You start your journey with extra items which you consume so you can fold that bag into a small pouch as the need for that extra bag is no more there. You are about to finish your journey and bought last minute items which you need to carry back home. This is the time when you can relax take out the folded pouch and make it a full travel bags to comfortably carry all the lovely items you have bought as a well planned traveler. You notice the logo brand and realize the reason you like and love the brand because they take care of you at all times.

Specifications of folding bags

They are designed to fold into a small pouch and are light weight so that you can carry around with you. However when required they become full size but within the universal size like cabin bag so as not to put you to embarrassment due to oversize. Normally material is polyester, nylon etc. to make them lightweight and strong at the same time.

Available Price range..

The MRP of the product is Rs.380 onwards but on bulk buying it will be offered at an attractive price depending on the exact branding, customized packaging and quantities.

How many Pieces Minimum You Can Order….

Minimum order of 50 will be appreciated and in special cases smaller lot can be entertained by us.

If you want to Buy Promotional Bags, How you will Benefit from Sparket Corporate Gifts?

We will try to understand your objective of gifting and products already shortlisted by your team and help you further fine tuning the requirement within your given budget and time frame. To help you achieve the parameters set by your team we will show you physical samples with finished look to zero down on the gift. Once you and the team are confident that everything is in order then you can place your order comfortably and can start focusing on other challenges to achieve your allied objectives.

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