Digital Vouchers New Additions in Corporate Gifts by Sparket

webbazaar-express-digital-vouchers-315x172To keep our regular clients pleasantly surprised we continuously look for various new corporate gifts to add to our offerings every now and then. Let us look at the three new additions to help you increase your sales and enhance relationships with the channel partners, employees or the business associates on a continuous basis. We will introduce one by one every week each exclusive gifting product, promoted cum distributed by us all over India to make it easy for you!

Why digital vouchers as Corporate Gifts?

If you are an entrepreneur or professional, then you must have experienced the challenge of running and maintaining an updated website. The major challenge is that you spend upward of Rs. 20,000 to start a website but soon realize that the challenge does not end there. Once the website is launched and running the major challenges faced are as follows: –

  1. The vendor has finished the work and is more focused on developing new websites to survive and not equipped to handle your smaller tinkering jobs.
  2. Any minor changes on the website like change in contact number, address, email ids etc. becomes nightmare.
  3. No one reminds you and follows up to renew your domain name and hosting charges as the same is not very lucrative activities.
  4. You started with your website with excitement but now needs a professional set up to continue to maintain it.
  5. You understand that web is the future but are disappointed with lack of technical knowledge and support activities available for a non techie.
  6. The changes are so fast that you find it difficult to cope up with the term responsive websites, google search algorithm, blogging, SEO etc.
  7. You have budget for the presence on the web and would like to be part of the future with mobiles but are helpless due to proper support available!

Let us introduce Web bazaar as answer to all your nightmares as far as maintaining and running a mobile friendly website with continuous hand holding is concerned and the same is presented to you as a Digital Gift Vouchers to impress your target audience too as they will love it. What more it can even take care of creating a new website live in less than 4 hours!


Web Bazaar Express

What is the point of running a business if you are going to be invisible to your potential customers online? Get discovered online with a simple & easy to navigate website.
Having a website is like opening a door and inviting potential customers into your business.

What is Web Bazaar’s Purpose?

We believe that every local business has something great to offer and that every local business deserves to be DISCOVERED!

Our endeavor is to help them create their spot in the online world and to facilitate & simplify their discovery journey. Help them to take the first step from being insignificant to getting discovered online in the simplest, hassle free and cost effective manner possible.

Express Package details:

Pricing: 6000/- Inclusive of service tax

Subsequent Year charges: 3000/- inclusive of service tax

Below is Express Website Package details.

  • 1 Personalized domain name
  • 5 Business Email ids via Zoho
  • Content Management platform (CMS)
  • Pre Designed and developed website
  • Responsive design
  • Hosting and Maintenance
  • Free Updating via CMS
  • Website will be live in 4 hours.
  • Renewal charges for subsequent years: Rs.2999/- Inclusive of tax.
  • Add-ons can be bought additionally if required.
  • No design customization


1) Unique Express Code

Scratch the card inside the box & submit your unique Express Code

2) Domain Name

Select and book your own domain name

3) Online Checklist

Fill out an online business checklist and tell us a little about you

4) Content Category

Select up to 3 content categories related to your business

5) Design

Select a design you like, there are 100s to choose from

6) Go Live

Congratulations! Your unique website is now launched & it just took 4 hours!


Responsive Website

Did you know that Google prefers to index sites that are responsive? A responsive site is mobile friendly and compatible across various hand held devices

Professional Designs

Worried about what images to use or what color combination works best? All the designs in our design gallery are professionally crafted & they are complete with relevant images, forms etc.

Update Your Own Website

Content is king!! If you wish to improve your online visibility, then you must work on the content of your website regularly. Your website is your digital office, keep it updated always.

No Technical Skills Required

I don’t know coding?? With Web Bazaar’s easy to use Content Management System, you don’t need to know coding. It’s as simple as editing a word document. We like to keep things simple!

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