Advantage of Organic Search Engines

Earlier around 1998 I used to login only at night at home to check and respond to emails. It was during mid 2004 that I decided to have a desktop on my office table to explore the internet during my free time. Soon I was hooked to it as hours used to pass exploring various promotion options to generate queries for corporate gifts. After few years, I understood that internet is very powerful in generating enquiries ideally from your own website through search engine optimization, regular addition of meaningful contents to make it interesting and relevant for the esteemed visitors at the cheapest possible cost.

AK Gupta

In corporate gifting generating initial query is the best option to increase your presence and thereby ever-increasing sales. Here the biggest advantage of search engines for businesses is that one’s offerings can be searched and your presence on the first page gives you the upper hand as the top few choices for the desired solution. The self-learned internet journey of 15 years can be summed up as follows: –



  1. Paid leads start working instantly.
  2. World can be your market and thus we ended up exporting to 24 countries.
  3. Even tiny and small players with very low budgets are encouraged and taken care of by Google.


  1. Got tired of paid leads due to too many keywords, higher bid prices and ever-increasing budget.
  2. Unrelated clicks were increasing overall spend.



  1. Leads start slowly but one can continue with minimal amount, maximum involvement and improved meaningful contents. 
  2. With time one becomes stronger with deep roots like a well grown tree. 
  3. Better insights as one must create rich meaningful contents.


  1. Difficulty in appearing on initial pages as the internet is already crowded.
  2. One gets more suppliers than buyers. 😊


Smaller companies usually prefer to search for need-based gifting solution, so their vendors keep changing as the continuity in buying pattern is missing. Whereas mid-size companies prefer to deal with a set of regular vendors to ensure fair market rate with assurance of quality and timely deliveries. Normally when a procurement team expands the company try to onboard the new set of vendors and that is the best time to enter the growing company. However large corporate prefer customised catalogues with product specifications for conducting reverse auctions including global procurement with seamless connectivity to make it both paperless and cost effective with minimal human interaction. Various established outsourcing platforms do the handholding to standardised and onboard new capable partners apart from onboarding existing vendors and your active presence on search engine again increases you to the new opportunities on the horizon. Even when established promotional product giants are looking for a viable tie up to enter India to head start their local operations again because of your omnipresence you get the initial chance to decide if you are interested.

Our next article in the series will cover digital marketing strategy to generate leads and queries when your prospective large accounts are not actively searching for you on search engines!

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