Art and Craft as Corporate Gifts

High quality, handcrafted products, predominantly made of brass and coated in either 18k gold or sterling silver includes feather quill pens, brass bookmarks, devotional pieces, paper weights & magnetic memorabilia, hangings, pen stand, and candle stands. We aim to enrich and encourage budding artists and craftsmen of our nation by identifying students with talent and passion by nurturing them in their respective domains and need your active help to keep carrying out the same.

Feather Pens: –

These stunning cylindrical ball point pen is dressed in subtle diamond motifs around its body, with a large bold metal feather. The pen and feather are brass and coated in 18k gold. An accompanying stand comes with a hand cut customised motif also brass, coated in 18k gold with a black plastic base. This stunning plume sporting our Flags colours, India saffron, white and India green, is the perfect topping for this elegant brass pen embellished with traditional floral motifs coated in 18k gold. It stands majestically on a brass base representing the Indian map coated in 18k gold. Ask us for fountain quill pens for your esteemed clients.

Feather Pens

Feather & Thread Bookmark: –

Star featuring a turquoise feather, fish scale star with blue feather, jingle bells with red feather, crown with scarlet red feather, sea voyager flying ivory feather, tree of life with maroon feather, owl with indigo feather, Idde with neon feather, buddha featuring ivory feather, dragon mask with red feather, Ganpati playing drum with red feather & butterfly with yellow feather. Thread bookmarks alphabets from A to Z and designer bookmark as per your logo or customised design to connect better with your esteemed recipients.

Feather and Thread Bookmark

3D Feather Hanging:

3D feather hanging for doctors, lawyers, professionals, laughing buddha, lord Ganesh, famous monuments, country maps or in customised designs as shown below with three ochre feathers with spotted ends or dangling with a red, black or olive-green silk braided tassel. All brass hangings are coated in 18k gold and available with aroma as car dangler with oil.

3D Feather Hanging

Aroma on Car Dash: –

Aroma on car dash made from brass this piece is coated in 18k gold with a plastic base with adhesive bottom for mounting on almost all surfaces. Decide on famous laughing buddha, Sai baba, lord Ganesh, India, red fort or any customised design to fulfil your promotional objectives. Also available with aroma as car dangler with oil.

Aroma on Car Dash

Paper Weights

Paper weights hand cut in brass and coated in 18k gold in square, rectangular, round or customised shape made to sit in heavy base of either red, amber, blue, green or white with either historic places, sun signs or any customised artwork come alive to impress your recipients.

Paper Weights

Magnetic clock with lifetime calendar: –

Magnetic clock with lifetime calendar to dress up your desk to add some awe to your interiors and start many a conversation due to use of magnets and gravity in red, yellow or your house colour.

Magnetic Clock with Lifetime Calendar

Magnetic Souvenir

Magnetic Souvenir comes alive with your artwork in square, round, rectangular or customised shape cut in brass and coated in 18k gold with base of red, amber, blue green or white base magnets which can be stuck to any metallic surface.

Magnetic Souvenir

Coasters or Mug Platform

Coasters or mug platform with plastic base with depression to keep mug, hand cut from brass are coated in 18k gold with alphabets, sun signs, logos or your customised message.

Coasters or Mug Platform

Tee light holders, Karpur Dani, star moti: –

Ganesh is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the deva of intellect and wisdom. As the god of beginnings, this tee light holder pays obedience to him. The base has intricately hand cut leaves, surrounding the Lord Ganesh motif suspended from a delicate strip. Made from brass this piece is coated in 18k gold and shown with outer packing and with lit candle. Karpur Dani is artistic heaven as conceived and designed to serve a dual purpose. Made from brass this eye-catching piece has multiple elements. The tower has a hand cut tree of life motif while the top disk is stress pressed to hold and dispense the camphor. The plastic base has an attachment to hold the candle. Star strips is dainty, purposeful and elegance as tee light holder. Strips of hand cut brass form star shapes stacked on one another and coated in 18k gold. Star tips are dressed in pearl droplets. The plastic base encloses a plastic tee light candle holder and also available in moon and oval shapes.

Tee Light Holders Karpur Dani Star Moti

Door Torana, wind chime, door hangings: –

Torana the ideal door adornment is a blend of multiple elements that make it the must have. Hand cut brass coated in 18k gold mango leaves are flanked by Lord Ganesh to the left and Goddess Lakshmi on the right. A brass cut coated in 18k gold Kalasha forms the centre piece. Red silk tassels and rope encapsulate the entire piece. Wind Chime is designed to add the wow factor to any space it adorns. Hand cut traditional Indian Jaali motifs encircle a Lord Ganesh rendition to form the main section and upper dome. A central brass pipe is surrounded by brass pipes on every corner of this mesmerizing piece of art. Its delicate sound will draw on the positive energies of the space. Door hangings as shown below with both swastika & shubh – labh written on left and right side.

Door Torana Wind Chime Door Hangings

Goodtime table clock:

Goodtime table clock: – themed with a tortoise motif with elaborate designs adorning the dial, cut from brass this square clock is coated in 18k gold with a plastic base with adhesive bottom for mounting on almost all surfaces. Choose from famous laughing buddha, Sai baba, lord Ganesh, India, red fort or any customised design. Tree brass calendar can be customised with your various products ranges or as calendar or various group companies. D stand frame, pooja thali, photo frames and frame candle are part of framed art range.

Goodtime Table Clock

Tulsi yantra, Dhan Varsha yantra & Vidya Prapti yantra: –

Tulsi yantra, dhan varsha yantra and Vidya Prapti Yantra: as the name suggest the yantras helps in securing energy of tulsi, dhan and vidya because of high emotional belief and positive expectations.

Tulsi Yantra Dhan Varsha Yantra and Vidya Prapti Yantra

Please do revert with your customised design to achieve your promotional objectives.

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