Travel Mugs as Corporate Gifts

Travel mugs has become the favorite of corporate and more so for the highly-populated IT crowd which sits on the desk and work for long hours. Travel mugs has dual purpose so as not to move from your desk to keep sipping the hot drink while doing your work uninterruptedly. Alternatively, since the advice from the health expert to techies is to continuously move to break long hours in front of the system they prefer travel mugs with the lid to be able to enjoy the coffee while moving away from their desk. You get choice of a closed lid and one with opening for sipping the hot drinks while on the move. You will notice from the various images shown below that apart from the choice of various materials, shape, size, capacity, lids you also have choice of strainer to keep the tea dip bags.

Travel Mugs

While travelling the shape of the travel mug is such that you can put it the coffee mug slot of the car to avoid spillage. You have stainless steel inside mugs to keep the drinks hot for longer hours and the thickness of the materials ensure that you can slowly sip and enjoy your drink for longer hours. Branding can be done either through screen printing or laser engraving to ensure high brand recall.

Custom Travel Mugs

The lid with the opening for sipping can be either sliding type or button opening type as per various images shown above. Some lids are without space for hole for persons who prefer to keep the drink hot and sip by removing the lid. The capacity ranges from 1 – 2 cups depending on the requirement of the individuals. Most of the users prefer broad base like a milk mug as that is more steady on the desk instead of the tall and slim which is more suited for the cars.

Travel mugs are usually made of plastics with inside insulation of stainless steel. Most of the liquid storing portion is made from stainless steel to keep the liquid hot while handle and lid is preferred in colourful plastics to make it light weight and easy to carry it around. The advantage of plastic bottom is that there is no noise or scratches on the desk. At the same time, few travel mugs are made of complete stainless steel but the outer middle portion is made of plastic to give it colourful look with plastic handle. If you look at the images above, there is stainless steel travel mug with ceramic colour plastic parts to give it ceramic mug feel. When the budget is a constraint then you can go for full plastic travel mugs as shown in pictures above.

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