Join Gifts World Expo 2016 to Promoting Your Products Meaningfully

sparket-design1-315x172If you are manufacturing products or have developed few concepts which are in the market for over a year or two, then you may consider talking to us to understand how you can increase mass trials of your idea and thereby mind share and market share! Last year we launched a new product through Corporate Gifts channel and the manufacturer’s original plan was to launch it through the general trade after 2-3 years of trials and mouth publicity. But the resultant response and learning made the brand owner launch the general trade products within one year of the initial launch which was solely through Corporate Gifts channel. Second principal needed the noise at the market place and the association with us gave them the booster and confidence to go back to their retail operations in a more determined way! Third principal was looking for more avenues to promote their products and get easy volume sales to fully utilize the infrastructure and thereby increase their presence and increase renewal business with many add on features.

All in all, Sparket for pleasant surprises is ensuring that principals, gifting channel partners, the paying customers and finally the end users are all satisfied at the end of the day! Gifting demands new ideas and choices of products and concepts which with the help of various brand owners we are offering at the market place. We are also encouraging few manufacturers who have not seriously thought about branding their offerings and in the process are losing out the opportunity to take their products pan India. For example, we are doing very good business with the chocolate manufacturer but in the absence of their brand identity are unable to showcase the product at the Gifts World Expo 2016 or take it to our gifting channel partners. Please check the three brands we are showcasing at Gifts World Expo 2016 on July 29 – 31 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

There are many national brands who are trying to enter the gifting market by employing the sales team not realising that each Corporate buys the particular gift item once in 2 to 5 years and the day when they will be ready their sales person may have given up the hope that product need is there! Corporate work with quarterly and yearly gifting giving plans thereby necessitating the need for few full time gifting partner who are in regular touch with the customers instead of a sales person from a brand who may not be available when the Corporate is ready to buy their items. Worse part is that gifting industry is so fragmented and churning is so high that rarely you will find organisations in this industry over 5 years thereby increasing value of the partners who have not only survived but also have grown over the years to service the Corporate with regular new gifting ideas.

Furthermore, the Corporate naturally would like to have the best price and in the bargain the margins becomes so thin that no gifting partner takes the trouble of promoting the new products or concepts as viability for him further come down drastically. We actually don’t know which came first the chicken or the egg but in the end the worst sufferer is the manufacturer and the customer as both finds it difficult to break the existing old system. Manufacturer fails to promote the product through gifting channel partners and Corporate buyers keeps complaining about lack of new ideas and the choices.

We at Sparket tie up with the brand owners for the exclusivity of promotion cum distribution through the gifting channel partners nationally and try to see that capable partners promote the products in a win – win situation. We control the terrorist who knows only to play the price card (channel partners) and see to it that hard working people can earn respectfully for what they are worth at the market place. We believe in collaboration with cooperation but then that is a two-way street and there is no role for fly by night operators.

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