Making corporate gifting fun, easy, and meaningful!

I run, an online corporate gifts marketplace catering to Rewards, HR, and Loyalty Managers at companies. We provide a range of services to help you create personalized and impactful employee experiences through gifting solutions.

At Gift Indeed, you can easily manage end-to-end Rewards and Recognition programs. We offer a wide variety of branded gift products to choose from. The best part? Employees can select their own gifts, adding an element of fun and personalization. We also utilize gamification to increase engagement.

With Gift Indeed, you can expect an enhanced gifting experience leading to higher employee satisfaction.

Corporate gifting fun easy

Allowing employees to choose their own gifts creates more excitement and meaningful experiences. You also enjoy bulk order discounts with your logo on gifts and door delivery with tracking. It is a win-win for companies and employees!

With my passion for entrepreneurship, experience in digital marketing and e-commerce, and ability to conduct market research, I started Gift Indeed to make corporate gifting fun, easy, and impactful. Let us connect to discuss how we can create personalized gifting experiences at your company!

Empowering recipients and revolutionizing corporate gifting through tech.

As an entrepreneur with a passion for leveraging technology to create personalized experiences, I founded, an innovative e-commerce platform modernizing the corporate gifting space.

At Gift Indeed, our mission is to empower gift recipients by giving them the ability to choose their own gift from a variety of options. This technology-driven approach facilitates an exciting, tailored gifting experience that drives engagement.

We target gifting manufacturers, resellers, HR software companies, and redemption partners. By partnering with us, clients can provide their customers or employees with a frictionless gifting journey that sparks joy.

Gift Indeed offers advantages like price discounts through supplier partnerships, convenient doorstep delivery with tracking, and HR software integrations. Most importantly, the personalized selection process results in greater recipient satisfaction.

With an analytical mindset, passion for digital marketing, and background in e-commerce and product development, I thrive on the fast-paced world of startups. I am motivated by innovating new business solutions and watching an idea grow from concept to reality. As Gift Indeed continues rapid growth, we are looking to collaborate with partners who share our vision for revolutionizing corporate gifting through technology. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can work together to make gifting experiences more meaningful.“[ninja_forms id=1]”

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