Story of the Customized Promotional Mouse Pads

mouse-pads-300x270The first time I experienced a mouse pad was around middle of 1990’s when EPSON Company was distributing it free at an expo with their message and there was a big queue of general public to get one for themselves. Within no time stocks were coming and were getting over as the interest of general public was more in getting free mousepad then checking on Epson printers. We were the only partners of genuine Epson ink cartridges at Bangalore and were handling their desk for the consumable supplies at the IT exhibition. Sushmita Sen, Miss Universe was the brand ambassador for Epson which also added to the whole mystique as the mousepad was carrying her images with details of the new printer just launched. Around beginning of 2001 we started manufacturing customized mouse pads and soon were booking orders left, right and center from IT community and IT companies with their message printed for the employees, partners, customers and consumers. At that time we launched rubber mouse-pad which was much better than the foam mouse pad as rubber grip on the desk was much better than the foam.

There was also a good demand for the hard desk top mouse pad with screen printing inside the lamination to ensure that the matter was intact in spite of wheels of mouse pad running continuously on the surface of the mouse pad.

We also came out with the photo insert mouse pad where one can insert his photograph from behind inside the foam to make the mouse-pad totally personalized. For retail market we created over 100 scenery mouse pads which were sold at the trade to give choices to the buyer. Many IT dealers preferred to print their name on sceneries and give to their end users to silently remind the customer about their company and contact details 24×7.

Radio Mirchi was launched around the same time at Chennai and we made over 10000 mouse pads for them to be distributed at the petrol bunks announcing about their launch in odd shape. Tata steel used over 5000 mouse pad to talk about their next 5 year vision to all their internal and external partners. ITC Choupal used over 4000 at all their centres with their message on the mousepads. It was matter of time we did over 1 million mousepads with the message from various companies from India including many Countries all over the world. We added knurling lamination to make optical mouse easy to use on the surface apart from flexible rubber mouse pads and gel mouse pads.

Mouse pad helped us in entering many allied items including coasters, foam buttons for the compact discs etc. Our entry in to Corporate Gifts was also due to our regular customer complaining that how many times they can buy mouse pads from us? Which resulted in entering the gifting industry around 2005 – 2006 and which has become now more of a destiny for us. When we entered the mouse pad manufacturing around end of 2000 our contemporaries laughed at our decision but we feel that helped us realize our strength and weaknesses. Because of that small decision today we are setting our sights to become the leader in Corporate Gifting industry in India and rest of the world. Our client list worldwide.

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