Corporate Gifts to Increase Sales or Enhance Relationships

corporate-gifts-to-increase-sales-or-enhance-relationships-300x173There can be umpteen sub reasons but the main reasons are the above two and you should be crystal clear every time as to your primary objective of either increasing sales or enhancing relationship while giving away the corporate gifts? These two reasons will overlap but the priority and clarity of main objective will help you in selecting and thereby achieving your main purpose. The chosen gift will serve both the reasons but the identification will help you in identifying and selecting the best gift to achieve your main objective better. There are times when you and your team will shortlist a particular gift to be more exciting and end up selecting the same but if you diligently answer the above question then you will zero down on the best gift as that will fit better with the main end objective.

We normally give corporate gifts for the following two main reasons: –

  • To increase sales and,
  • to enhance relationships!

Increase sales!

Sales can be increased simultaneously ensuring protection against a new entrant by encouraging consumers to increase their regular offtake by offering freebies for example massager with the hair oil if they buy 2 or 3 units. The offtake of a particular product category in each outlet is more or fixed and by dumping excess stocks through attractive gift offerings for the outlet the entry of a new competitive brand can be blocked by existing players (due to limited self-space and investment capacity of the outlet). Alternatively, a new entrant can similarly launch with very attractive consumer gift offering to ensure enough trials and thereby converting existing brand users to switch to their new brand. Trade partners, stockists and distributors can be made party to the aggressive onslaught by giving stretch targets with attractive gift schemes to achieve the end objective.

If your goal is to increase sales through product trials, then better to select a gift which is more suited to tempt audience to buy your product (because of attractive gift) even when they don’t need it so that they end up trying out your product. For example, an attractive purse mirror for ladies along with ‘Kajal’ as free to emotionally influence the lady to pick up your brand of Kajal and hope that after use she switches brand and becomes regular user of your brand or even new user for your product called ‘Kajal’ which she never thought of buying earlier.

Enhance relationships!

Similarly, for your objective of enhancing relationship normally you would like to play on stroking the emotions of the recipient by selecting a product where a lot of thought on product utility has gone to keep reminding the recipient about you and increasing your emotional bonding and connections. For example, a personalised leather box for associates or influencers like architects where the person can empty his pockets in the evening after returning home. The personalised leather case will have separate pockets for wallet, pens, keys, watch, coins etc. and remind the user about you every night and morning thus enhancing feel good factor about your mutually enhanced relationships.

Rewards and recognitions are sub reason of enhancing relationships through recognising the top and above average performers and to motivate average performers to do better and start imagining to be recipient of the coveted awards next season! Festival is a good time to enhance relationships with employees and many organisation has a fixed festival, new year or annual day to celebrate with family utility gifts which all employees and their families eagerly await every year.

We encourage you to speak to us to identify your reason for gifting and ensure pleasant surprises for all!

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