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Promotional Table Top Mobile Stand

Personal Utility Products Like Table clocks, Table tops, Wooden items, Mobile stand, Brassware items & More

The ideal promotional product for someone with a table is table top or desk top item. There should be utility for the product and because of that the product is also called utility product. Table clocks, mobile stand with pen stand and provision for slip pad is an ideal table top gift. Depending on the audience you can design or decide the utility by adding or deleting the various options available as table tops. Stock market prefers to gift bull as symbol on table top product to encourage the recipient to behave like a bull when markets are going up. Similarly laughing Buddha is an all round gift for the customers by the bankers as they would like to avoid projecting with any particular religion sentiments by being neutral. At the same time at Ganesh festival companies give idol of Ganesh and at Eid times they provide Holy Quran to wish and participate with the respective communities.
Promotional Household Items

Household Items

Household Items: Flask, tiffin boxes, casseroles, dinner sets, bed covers sheets, blankets, fleece, iron, mixer - grinder, coffee warmer, coffee maker, juicer, mini vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, hand mixer, toaster, pans, non stick pans, induction cooker etc. are much in demand and makes the recipient happy. Many companies give a gift and over the period of many years the employees have the full range of house hold items for their use and which they proudly displays to the visitors. Crockery sets, juice glass sets, dinner sets are common household items.
Promotional Metl Photo Frame

Metal, Plastic and Wooden Photo Frames

Photo frames are kept on the side table and are emotionally a good connect with your target audience as it displays photos of their near and dear ones. You can add clock or 3D to impress the viewer. Photo frames can be three dimensional so as to display 2 photos and a clock to serve as a utility product too. Depending on your budget the frames can be of plastic, wood, metal, acrylic and even sun board. Jewelers and builders prefer to give small size frame but of better metal to impress the recipient with the quality of the product. Brands use LED frames to highlight their brand and to impress the viewers at retail and bar counters.
Promotional Household Gifts

House Hold Gifts

Household gifts includes flask to keep the tea or coffee hot and juice cold. The flask can also be carried to office with homemade liquids for health reasons. Ice creams bowl, salt and pepper containers, dry fruit tray, ashtray, snacks tray, dinner set, serving tray, coasters, mats, food containers are ideal household gifts. Soap tray, liquid soap dispenser, water bottles, glasses, mugs, jugs etc. are common household gifts.
Promotional Ice Buckets

Stainless Steel Bar Range, Trays, Ice Buckets

All new age executives prefers to have a bar at home also known as personal bar. Apart from drinking a peg or two in the evening he enjoys entertaining guest at home. Due to more and more families residing at apartments they tend to gather at one place to pass the evening time. The owner loves to collect all bar items to keep at the bar and that includes steel bar accessories, trays, ice buckets, thong, stirrer, coasters apart from glasses for each type of drinks. Companies can get in to this segment by distributing cost effective items over a period of time as collectibles to encourage recipient to stick to a brand till he collects all such items over a period of time.
Promotional Golf Gifts

Golf Gifts

Golf bags, caps, t-shirts made especially for the golfer keeping in mind their specific requirements as per your branding to get the maximum mileage. You can select many table top display items or foldable executive golf set for practicing putting at home or office. There are many items as stationery or table top gift set to connect with golf including personal bar set as golf kit in leather case. Mementos and souvenirs for golf lovers can be selected to impress the recipient. Please visit our golf page to select the item of your choice or email us for a specific customized requirement.


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