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Promotional Leather Wallets

Promotional Leather Wallets

Promotional wallets are always good in demand as their utility is very high due to their personalize touch which ensures that the user can see your logo every time he touches the wallet to take out or put in the money. The price range can vary from low 2 figures to high 3 figures depending on the material, finishing, packaging and craftsmanship. Wallets can be customized with 2 or 3 folds with extra space for credit cards, coins, driving license through visible window etc.
Depending on your requirement you can select wallet set for the couples or a gift set for ladies or gents. The items can be added depending on your budget and purpose. You can order wallets even in your house color if the quantities are decent and can print or emboss your logo at the outside or inside. For large quantities we can help you with your logo framed in metal to give it the branded appeal and to impress the recipients.
Promotional Pens

Promotional Pens and Custom Imprinted Pens

Promotional pens can start as low as single digit and can be as high as three digits for premium wooden with metal cap pens. You can select from the range of colors and various features as per your budget, quantities, artwork and can even go for personalized pens etched with the names of the recipients. The size, thickness, material, refill quality of the selected pen decides your overall cost. Small quantities can be selected from the ready stocks available at all times and for larger quantities we can help you with total custom requirements. We can do the printing, etching on barrel, clips and even supply at short notice. The pens normally come with a poly cover but for the high priced ones we can have good packaging to make it presentable. The pen gift set can be created within your price points to remind the recipients about your brand round the year.
Promotional Keychains

Promotional Key Chain & Leather Key Chains

Key chain can be made up of wooden, metal, rubber, plastic, leather, glass, acrylic, brass, silicone in any shape and size imprinted with your logo to help you remind your customers about your brand. Another useful dimension can be added to this promotional product by adding mini torch, opener, key finder, light, screw driver set, lighter, USB, spoon, fork, etc. You can insert beautifully printed photos in the see through plastic container to impress the end users. You can create the shape of your product to associate with your product with excellent branding space. The objective and budget can be aligned to catch the attention of the existing and new users from low to high to luxury to super luxury segments.
Promotional Stress Reliever Wooden Ball

Promotional Stress Reliever Wooden ball to Release Stress

As the desk jobs are increasing and the young working force is getting more and more restless the need of Stress Massagers is increasing. Ideally it can be in the form of smiley balls which can be given different shapes and size to help the working force release their stress. Also known as stress busters helps in releasing stress by doing some physical activities to break the monotonous nature of the job. Your shape and size can be created against bulk orders by making the mould which can have your branding to ensure exclusivity for your Company.
Promotional Crystal Trophies

Promotional Crystal Trophies, Table Tops & Items

When the lead content is increased to 30% then the weight of glass increases and the clarity makes it crystal instead of ordinary glass. The crystal thus made is considered under handmade items being hand cut and moth blown and enjoys tax exemptions as is part of handicraft industry. The purity of our crystal items can be seen and experienced through the reflection of light through our lead crystal promotional products. Your thoughts and imaginations of amplifying your brand can be customized through our finest and brightest pure crystal ware and its incomparable finish will be spell bound. The brilliance by master craftsman with their pyramid cuts not only emits energy which is positive but also brings about good luck and harmony as per experts of Vaastu. When the budget is not a constraint and you would like to go all out to impress your client then this is one of the best promotional product. We take care of superb packaging to ensure that the product reaches to you and your clients in good condition. Table tops, crockery’s’, glasses and bar products, bowls, trays, vases, lamps, trophies, mementos, golf items, idols, table clocks, decanters and exclusive premium range of crystal gifts.
Promotional Brasswares


When you have slightly better budget and you would like to impress your associates by giving them something fancy to put on their desk then brassware stands out as one among the better choice. It can be given to employees as a table top promotional product on completion of a project or reaching a milestone or a new launch. The gold plating helps you in impressing the visitors too who sees it on your recipients desk with your impeccable branding. The various other products in the brassware range are decision making dices, gift set, miniature items, mobile stands, money clip, pocket watch, sports related to cricket, golf, stationery items, trophies, mementoes, awards, visiting card box, watch cases, wooden and brass combined and world time etc.
Promotional Table Brass Clocks

Promotional Clocks, Wall & Table Brass Clocks

Clocks helps us plan our time better at both offices and home. Invariably when you would like to know the exact time during the day or night you will look at the walls. If that is the case then why not print your message on the dial to ensure that subtly you are reminding your customers about you and your brand. May be looking at the wall clock will trigger and inspire your customer to think of consuming your product as that moment. The bigger wall clocks can be put with your brand at public places like airports, railways, bus stands and religious places. Similarly the smaller wall clocks can be put on the table in combination with pen stand or some other utility promotional product. FMCG companies can distribute clocks to end users to remind them about their products at home 24 hours and 7 days of the week. You can have wall clocks plastic casing to match your brand color to ensure that audience connects with your brand. The needles can be changed with your miniature products to impress the viewer and to get in to his mind instantly. The limit to various use of this promotional product is limited to your imagination and your teams innovation to capture attention of more consumers for your products.


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