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Picture Window Frame it 
										Mouse Pads

Picture Window / Frame-It Mouse Pads

Whether it's a picture of a loved one, or some important information, the "FRAME-IT" mousepad encourages the user to personalize your promotional mouse pad. This added personal touch turns your promotion into a keepsake giving your message the opportunity to be seen for a long, long time. Surround any photo or promotional message with a clear, bright logo using our Frame-It Mousepad. The hard-top surface protects while letting you see what your custom mouse pad has to offer. A great gift idea, especially for the holidays. Our Frame-It custom mouse Pad makes a perfect picture every time.
Gaming Mouse Pads

Gaming mouse pads

It is one of the most accurate mousing surfaces in the world. Fully tested with all of optical and mechanical mice. A must have for hardcore gamers! The Precision Gaming Surface is made from the factory. Designed to satisfy even the most demanding of gamers, Equipped with dual surfaces, a super sturdy base and integrated cord clip, the gaming mouse pads is also ideal for office and graphics work, or any application where pin-point accuracy is required. Compatible with all optical and ball mice.
Gel Mouse Pads

Gel Mouse Pad

Reducing professional disease caused by operating computer obviously. Relieves the symptoms of fatigue and sourness of wrist arm and shoulder. Soft and ventilated massage pad mouse prevents yours palm form forming thick callus and pain. More flexible casier and capable of reducing working intersity.
Optical Mouse Pads

Optical Mouse Pad

Optical mouse pad designed specifically for optical mice, laser mice and trackball mice! Besides having a comfortable and pleasant feel, the top surface as nurling to fully optimizes the optical mouse's infrared beam detection and delivers absolute precision, even in medium-quality optical mice. The Optical mouse pad , has now evolved to fit the specifications of all mice by adding a textured layer on top.
Printed Mouse Pads

Printed Mouse Pad

We are specialize in printing full process color, high resolution images to the highest quality mousepad material. If other vendors warn you away from complex images, we are the printer for you! Plus, we make it simple! One simple price schedule for full colour. we welcome small run orders! Your satisfaction assured - we gladly provide a printed proof of your job prior to the bulk of the order being printed!


We have over 600 original mouse pads in available for you to purchase. We will even print your name, or any other text you want, onto these pad mouse at no additional cost. Most ship within 24 hours. No minimum or maximum quantities to buy!


We started manufacturing mouse pads way back in 2000 and within next 5 years were pushed in to corporate gifts by our existing customers. Their reasoning was simple that how many times will they buy mouse pads and we were left with little choice but to upgrade ourselves with total corporate gifting solutions to take care of all their needs...
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