Table Tops as Corporate Gifts

table-tops-315x172The purpose of table top business gift is to sit on your clients table with your logo and keep reminding them and their visitors about you, your products to increase brand recall. The utility products like pen stand, desk organizers, coaster set, napkin box, paper weight, mobile holders etc. are good promotional merchandise.

Depending on the budget and quantities you can decide the product with or without clock. The material can be plastic, wood, and metal to impress the recipient. For senior persons the leather items can be used to make it exciting for them to keep and use on their desk as everyday utility product.

Table Top Promotional Items:

The table top promotional items can be used at the retail outlets in the form of table mat at the billing counter with images of your products. Mouse pad is another good desk top item which is mass used for the various purposes. Human resource department find it very attractive to promote the new initiative by printing the same and ensuring it remains constantly on the table of the employees. Manufacturers prefer to put their range of products and give it to their channel partners to remind them about their brand. Exhibitors like to distribute the same to all visitors to their stall to get the mileage beyond the event.

Table Top Mementos:

tropies-mementos-300x251Mementos are other attractive table top gifts as the same is displayed prominently on the desk to impress the visitors. Photo frames with clock at the bottom is another personalized desk top item. Miniature replica of the product is another attractive table top gift as that is displayed proudly by the recipient as an object of art and to convey the business relationship with the product involved.

The table top item can be even designed keeping in mind the concept or theme. Glasses and mugs are used extensively for water, tea and coffee and that can be branded with personalized messages to impress the user. For the young sipper bottle has become another regular product on the table for two reasons. Ease of sipping at regular intervals instead of walking every now and then to the dispensers as office boys role have changes in the new office environment.

Desktop Stationery Gift Item:

table-top-pen-and-mobile-stands-300x245You can also think of items which can be displayed on the pin up board. Pins, flags, magnets, hangers, mini photo display silicone frames are the other personalized utility item appreciated by the receivers. Post it notes with your brand in required colour and sizes is another good desktop stationery gift item. Crystal flower vase with sand blasted logo appeals to one and all and is cherished and constantly displayed on the working table. Appreciation planks and well framed certificates are other desktop items which will always be displayed prominently ensuring visibility for the company.

Sports related table top items can be themed based on cricket, football, golf, races etc. The pen stand can have stumps, cricket ball, badminton racket, football shape. Replica of various racing cars can be used with clock as utility cum display items. For more customized choices please feel free to get in touch with us with your brief, budget and quantities involved.

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