Designing Rewards Like Salt or Sugar in Our Daily Food!

Telecalls have increased multi folds with untrained voices fumbling or keeping quiet preferring you to cut their call. On your encouragement, they muttered the courage to ask for requirements for the loans or insurance coverage and happy to finish the call on hearing ‘no requirement’. Much better experience than mechanical trained voices trying to forcibly convince resulting in further irritating the receiver.

This routine job can be made more enjoyable for the caller too by rewarding them for every YES by encouraging them to increase the number of calls per hour when they are in the FLOW and by discouraging them to waste time on NOT INTERESTED and getting disheartened.

The gamification reward will also ensure that many will learn fast to make it a full-time career to grow and earn handsomely. After some time, reward is only an indicator of how much successful they are as a tele caller as the intrinsic motivation will start driving them to become the master. Of course, the receiver who said YES will be better off with the timely loans and the coverage of their family fulfilling the bigger purpose of the caller too!

Reminds me of a famous line that tyres have only hot air, but they make journey so pleasant so remember to connect with SPARKET CORPORATE GIFTS for pleasant surprises!

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